Working at Hodl

Hodl was founded in 2017 with the aim of supporting investors in their cryptocurrency investments. Hodl initially started with providing personal guidance, but has now grown into an internationally operating cryptocurrency company that manages AFM-registered investment funds. Hodl manages the entire investment process and provides a unique strategy through its years of experience in the investment and cryptocurrency world.

Hodl believes that cryptocurrency is an integral part of a modern investment portfolio. However, the market is still new, unknown and often difficult to understand. Hodl daily works on optimizing investment processes, maximizing returns and informing (potential) investors. In this way, the company makes cryptocurrency investing accessible with optimal results.

You shouldn't join Hodl if you need a lot of structure and have a 9 to 5 mentality. You should join Hodl if you can independently add value to the growth of Hodl and are curious about this dynamic and new market.

Maurice Mureau
  • Headquarters in Rotterdam
  • 22 employees in the Netherlands
  • 30 employees worldwide
  • Active in four countries
  • 20% / 80%
  • Average age 28 years
  • Crypto chic
  • Gym facilities

Growth possibilities at this organisation

If you develop, Hodl will also develop. Together with you, Hodl will draw up a plan, which will support your ambitions and allow you to grow both within the organization and as a person.

Why work at Hodl

Nick van der Heiden
Nick van der Heiden
Researcher/analyst/trader for Ventures

The reason I work at Hodl is that I have been able to turn my passion into my job. My professional skillset is expanded in a pleasant environment. In addition, the view is great of course!

Casper Karreman
Casper Karreman
CTO, working in the IT department.

When I got the offer to shape the IT department at a young and fast-growing company, it didn't take me long to make my decision. With a software background and the demand to automate administrative actions in an environment that is at the forefront of digital developments, I saw many possibilities. We are now working to realize these ideas.

Maurice Mureau
Maurice Mureau

I can optimally use my knowledge from the traditional financial world to help investors invest in this new asset class. That is why we founded Hodl together with my partners.

Dirk-Jan Schuld
Dirk-Jan Schuld
Chief Performance Officer | Management of HODL

HODL is a company that operates in a completely disruptive market. What is normal today will be completely different tomorrow. Building a business in this fast growing market with a great team is what I'm looking for.

Jobs at Hodl

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What is our biggest challenge?

We believe that cryptocurrency is an integral part of a modern investment portfolio. However, the market is still new, unknown and often difficult to understand. Every day, we are working on optimizing our investment processes, maximizing our returns and informing our (potential) investors. This is how we make cryptocurrency investing accessible with optimal results.

‘Making cryptocurrency an integral part of modern investment portfolio’